How do we know that our climate is changing?

Science is the key to understanding our climate past & future.


In recent years there’s been a greater emphasis placed on observing the climate, due to the detrimental effect that its change is having on our environment. But that’s only in recent years, and prior to this there will have been little, if any, observation being conducted on the climate. So how can we be sure that it is in fact changing?

Well it’s lucky for us that some forward-backward thinkers found a way to do it; actually they found quite a few ways.

Due to the interest in conserving our planet and the new technologies available, scientists observing the climate now have an inventory of equipment with which to accurately measure and observe our present climate. There are acronyms like SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interface Device) and SST (sea-surface temperature) being banded around.  Specialised facilities, organisations and even satellites are all closely monitoring parameters on land, at sea and in the atmosphere…

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