Greens: Government must send mental health Crisis team to Christmas Island

Christmas Island at crisis point.

Real News One - RN1 - Independent News

Greens’ immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said “Christmas Island is at crisis point,” and has called on the Abbott Government to immediately send a team of mental health experts to Christmas Island to deal with the current crisis in the centre.

“The children are suffering terribly and they need specialised mental health support now.” Stated Senator Hanson-Young.

She also noted that a lack of female staff on the island has seen mothers put on 24-hour suicide watch under the supervision of male prison guards.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young also said that it’s clear that the Nauru detention centre needs to be opened up to independent investigators.

“The Australian Government pays for, runs and controls the Nauru centre but they have banned the Australian Human Rights Commission from setting foot inside.”

“Until these women and children can be brought to Australia, the Abbott Government should be doing everything they can to reduce…

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