Oz Update

No longer the land of the ‘ fair go’

Unload and Unwind

oz updateWell as I said in a previous post things have gotten somewhat interesting here in the land of Oz and not in a good way.  For a country that is supposed to pride itself about providing a ‘fair go’ for everyone we seem to be failing rather badly on a variety of fronts.  I don’t want you to think that we’ve suddenly turned into jack booted thugs overnight BUT it would be a fair assumption if you were going on nothing but current policy in regards to health, education, asylum seekers and the environment.

On top of that it seems that Australia has also gained some notoriety in regards to gender equality and representation in the government sector.  The past month has provided an ongoing litany of injustices being perpetrated by the current government but we have to start somewhere and as a women I think it is fair to…

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