Hypocrisy Overload as the line between Church and State is crossed by the LNP

Unload and Unwind

1-BlackmailIt appears that blackmail, be it financial or emotional, is the new form of due process by the Australian Federal Government.  Much has been said recently about the appalling manipulation the LNP and Scott Morrison displayed when seeking to push the new Asylum Seeker laws through the parliament. What is also true is that this is merely the most vile example of this practice to date.

I have spoken previously about the current governments attempts to force the chaplaincy program into state run schools but it bears mentioning again when you consider how they are going about it.  It also bears mentioning the new initiative of this government to fund those who wish to enter the Seminary and study for the priesthood.  This is at the same time they are gutting funding to university education and attempting to drive legislation through the parliament that would leave Australians paying up to…

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