A new year and hopefully an end to our childhood.

As 2014 comes to an end & we open the first pages of the new year stop for a few minutes reflect how far we have come. It’s only about six or seven thousand years since humans put the first pen to parchment or chisel to stone. We have a written history now digitized that spans only a few thousand years & cave paintings only a hundred thousand years.

We have sent spacecraft to Mars & even out of our solar system our potential is unlimited. We maybe the only intelligent life in the universe with billions of Earth like planets to explore. We are like teenagers full of potential but unaware of the risks we will face.

As we mature we must learn to live within our means, knowing that greed could destroy our destiny. We must develop a sustainable economy that provides enough for all to reach their full potential. We must protect the biodiversity that has nurtured our evolution.

If we can overcome this challenge our future will be rich beyond our dreams. We must leave our childhood behind & become adults. Sharing & fantastic universe with all lifeforms we will encounter on our journeys.

Appreciate your comments John

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