Environmental failures committed by Tony Abbott

Environmental failures
One major contributing factor to the public disapproval of Tony Abbott is his many environmental failures within Australia. His policies in the course of his tenure as Prime Minister have continually failed to address the nation’s carbon footprint, which is of particular concern given the global move towards emission reduction and renewable energy technology.

Instead of creating policy that aligns with the economic and environmental benefits of the nation, Abbott has actively treated the environment as an enemy. Abbott’s lack of action on climate change, and resistance to renewable energy power sources have received many critics from governments around the globe.

As proof of that statement, here are 11 significant environmental failures of the Abbott-led Australian government.

Repealing the carbon price

Cutting back and freezing or even eliminating the RET

Abolishing the Climate Commission

Attempting to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Renewable Energy Agency

Keeping the subsidies of fossil fuels

Destroying the Great Barrier Reef’

Cancelling the Tasmanian forest deal and trying to de-list the Tasmanian World Heritage Forest

Placing the Marine National Reserve under review

Trying to give environmental powers to individual states

Not providing operating funds to the environmental defenders office

Creating an underpaid and careless “green army”

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