1. John, oceans don’t have buffering ability – ”missing heat” con was invented, to justify why the planet is not getting warmer with extra pollution.
    A] when the oceans get warmer than normal / for ANY reason – evaporation instantly increases, evaporation is cooling process – more evaporation = more clouds, clouds are as sun umbrellas for the land and sea

    B] to see with your eyes that is no missing heat on the bottom of the sea: have in mind that warmer water is not as heavy as colder, then experiment: in a bucket full of water – inject on the bottom a bit of engine oil with a syringe (for contrast) and monitor on a stopwatch: how long will take for the oil to surface; oil is less heavy than water, same as warmer water is less heavy than cold water below 100m, where is always dark. A rusty bucket and $2 siryinge will tell you the truth – you will never get any truth from Robert Scribbler, never;


Appreciate your comments John

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