The Pope: Not a Scientist, But Listening to Science

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

popetweet1The editorial excerpted below from the Louisville Courier Journal ia a perfect illustration of why climate deniers are freaking out about the Pope’s imminent Encyclical on Climate Change.
Some of the greatest barriers to climate awareness are not the scientific ones, but emotional and visceral among a large number of otherwise good people. Leadership from the Pope, and representatives of other traditions, is a growing force for affirmative action on climate change.

The Church got it catastrophically wrong that time with Galileo 500 year ago, and they are still trying to live it down. Today, with a world class Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Pope is receiving the right kind of advice.

The Flat Earthers won’t win this time around.

Louiseville Courier Journal:

The Roman Catholic Church hasn’t always been on the right side of science.

It’s yet to live down the 1633 condemnation of the Italian astronomer Galileo for…

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