Here is a virtual hug to all my 2,139 followers on Totally Inspired Mind


Hard to believe that I created Totally Inspired Mind over 2 years ago…
Last count was 94 countries monthly read regularly. People from all walks of life find inspiration, good information, and entertainment here.

I have met so many incredible people here on WordPress from reblogging their content.

I am going to have to update my data base of people I have recently met who are wtiters, photographers, civil rights advocates, and creative souls who make a difference with theur words, by putting something great into the universe that will be their living legacy.

I am overwhelmed with such a feeling of love and warmth from your kind comments and also with the many awards you have nominated Totally Inspired Mind and me the creator for.

Paulette Motzko, creator of Totally Inspired Mind Where Positive Minds Congregate outside The Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa.

High definition self shot and…

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Appreciate your comments John

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