The Magna Carta of Holistic Ecology: cry of the Earth/ cry of the poor

Revolución Alimentaria


Leonardo Boff
Earthcharter Commission

Before engaging in commentary, is worth noting a few features of Pope Francis’ encyclical letter, Laudato sí’.

This is the first time a Pope had discussed ecology as holistic ecology (because it goes beyond the environment) in such a complete form. Great surprise: he develops the theme within a new ecological paradigm, something that no official document of the UN has yet done. He backs up his discourse with the best data from the life and Earth sciences. He reads the data properly (with sensible or cordial intelligence), because he discerns that beneath them lie human dramas and also much suffering on the part of Mother Earth. The present situation is grave, but Pope Francis always finds reasons for hope and a confidence that humans will find viable solutions. He connects with John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the Popes who preceded him, quoting them…

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