Al Gore’s Dream Begets a New Blue Marble

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


Something climate deniers don’t want you to see, much less ponder. The earth as it is, with no borders or boundaries – so far as we know, the only home of life in the universe.
Danger: This image conjures subversive thoughts.

Smithsonian Air Space Museum blog:

As early as 1966, environmental activist Stewart Brand began a campaign for NASA to release an image of the whole Earth in space. Brand even made up buttons that asked, “Why haven’t we seen a photograph of the Whole Earth yet?” He sold them on college campuses and mailed them to prominent scientists, futurists, and legislators. Not until the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, however, did “Whole Earth” become a reality.

Stewart Brand put the photograph on the cover of his Whole Earth Catalog. This image, and the other stunning photographs of the Earth taken from space, inspired a reconsideration of our…

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