We recall 100 blue whales’ worth of meat a year


There’s just something about possibly putrid meat that triggers the most basic of limbic alarm bells: You may be able to cut a rotten part out of an apple and happily eat the rest, but try doing that with a steak and your brain (or your stomach) is likely to revolt. We are hyper aware to the potential for our food to make us sick, especially when it comes to meat, but the things that disgust us have very little to do with the things that are dangerous. Our brains aren’t equipped to detect the germs that are most hazardous.

In many places around the world, people gain immunity to these foodborne germs (though some get sick and die in the process). In the United States, we rely on food producers and government agents to search out pathogens. Here’s an update on how we are doing.

A lot of people get…

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