Are the youth of Seattle more afraid of an earthquake or climate change?


Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party is really nothing like a block party, unless everyone else grew up with a lot more Molly in the lemonade served in their childhood neighborhoods. The fact that it’s way more of a summer festival than a neighborhood get-together isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Personally, I think transforming a couple of city streets into a weekend-long venue is a pretty delightful, if not new, premise for an event.

CHBP has graced the streets of Seattle’s most bewildering neighborhood for 18 years now, and like the neighborhood itself, I’m told that it doesn’t much resemble its 1997 incarnation. The acts are bigger, the tickets are more expensive (well, anything is more expensive than free – a day pass now costs $60 + fees), and #brands (what’s good, Red Bull) make their presence known left and right. For these reasons, plenty of locals really hate the event, viewing it…

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