How are environmentalists reacting to Obama’s Clean Power Plan?


Now that President Obama’s Clean Power Plan has been finalized, environmentalists are practically dancing in the streets. Their public statements range in tone from celebratory to exultant. But scratch the surface and you can see that feelings in some quarters are more complicated.

On stage right, the biggest mainstream environmental organizations — which are actually center-left — are offering up unqualified praise. If asked, they will readily concede that not every detail has turned out as they would have hoped, but their overall attitude is triumphant.

“This is really a historic day, the end of the carbon-pollution era,” said Dan Lashof, COO of NextGen Climate America, in an interview with Grist. “We’re very pleased,” Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune told Grist. “This is something the Sierra Club has been working on, with a lot of groups, for decades. It’s the single biggest thing any president has ever done…

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