These solar panels might not be that efficient, but they sure do look pretty


The bane of your local renewables enthusiast: Solar panels are ugly. They might save our world someday, but photovoltaic cells weren’t exactly designed for their aesthetic properties. This can make for a horde of irked neighbors if you end up tossing them indiscriminately onto a house.

But these solar panels are different (#NotAllSolarPanels). A team of Dutch researchers is piloting a new type of panel that comes in a variety of colors and — drumroll — doubles as a sound barrier on a highwayWired has the story:

These panels, installed on A2 Highway near Den Bosch, use a new kind of renewable energy technology called luminescent solar concentrators (LSC). Unlike typically metallic solar panels, these are red, yellow, and translucent. They are also cheaper than standard silicon-based panels—one of the reasons they’re be tested in a real-world context.

Dr. Michael Debije is the Eindhoven University of Technology professor…

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