Mapped: The world’s largest offshore windfarms #Auspol #ClimateChange 

Yesterday, the UK government approved a 400-turbine 2.4 gigawatt (GW) offshore windfarm at Dogger Bank in the North Sea. Once built, it would be the world’s largest by far.
But where are the world’s largest offshore windfarms already operating today? And how much electricity do they generate? Carbon Brief has mapped the world’s offshore schemes to find out.


Global offshore wind data
We found 62 offshore wind schemes currently generating electricity around the world, of which 25 are in the UK. Though Denmark was an early pioneer (red bars, below), the UK has installed more megawatts of offshore capacity than any other country in most years since 2004 (blue bars).
This year Germany is expected to knock the UK off top spot (yellow bars), installing the largest offshore capacity for the first time. The chart below only shows capacity already up and running, so the total for 2015 will rise. There’s another important health warning on our figures, see below.

Cumulative capacity
Once you tot up the annual additions it should be obvious that the UK is way out ahead in terms of total offshore wind capacity, with around 5GW currently operating today (blue bars, below). That’s 57% of the current global total of 8.9GW (below right).

It’s not just the cricket where the UK is leaving Australia behind!

The UK is the king of offshore wind, but will it retain that spot? The short answer is yes — for now. If all of the windfarms currently under construction or holding approval are actually built, then the UK would hold on to its place, with 17.4GW of capacity (green, blue and dark grey bars, below).

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