Striking Targets: 

Amidst the noise of the day-to-day debates, we have lost sight of the simple logic of the advice coming from the world’s top climate scientists. Despite the uncertainties in the details, the science carries one underlying message, from which we can draw only one rational conclusion.

It is time to declare a global emergency and mobilise all our available resources, political will and human ingenuity towards one task – reducing the risk of catastrophic climate change to a safe level.
The momentum in the climate system is now so great that the world will, before long, accept that the threat is of this magnitude.
It will recognise that, despite the remaining uncertainties, we cannot afford to risk the collapse of the global economy and civilisation. Thus society will at last strike
up an appropriate response – one that recognises the science and the true scale
of the risk.
When this emergency response is designed, it will certainly require that we immediately act and with a level of determination and commitment not seen since World War 2.
A safe climate is an achievable goal and anything less would leave civilisation at
too great a risk of catastrophe, and would therefore be irrational. We may be slow, but we are not stupid.
Our remaining task is then to develop and set about implementing an emergency plan of action that is capable of achieving this outcome.
Sustainability Writer & Advisor
Author, The Great Disruption (2011) Co-author, The One Degree War Plan (2009)

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