The Battle is on! #Auspol #ClimateChange #CanningVotes 

The battle is on, on September 19 voters in my electorate of Canning in Western Australia have a chance to cast the first stone at the Abbott government.

 A loss for the Abbott government in Canning would certainly put an end to Abbott’s Prime Ministership. With an election due next year a swing of ten percent would surely push the Liberal party to a leadership spill.

Tony Abbott infamous for his words “Climate change is crap” has abolished Australia’s price on carbon pollution & attacked the renewable energy industry relentlessly since him came into power. As a result Australia’s carbon emissions have reversed and our now climbing. Despite the fact that seventy three percent of Australians support lifting the renewable energy target.


The science is settled the global temperature is now at a record level and set to soar past the two degree C level some politicians have deemed the safe limit to avoid a climate catastrophe.

Failing to curb our green house gas emissions will push a terrible burden on to our children and future generations.

Sea level rise will flood most of the Earth’s coastal cities over a billion people could be displaced in Asia

Food scarcity caused by severe drought will drive many countries into war Billions of people will face food shortages

Democracy is facing it’s greatest challenge can the will of the people over come the billions of dollars Fossil fuel companies donate to politicians?

My grandfather fought in France in 1940 & was evacuated from Dunkirk. My father was part of the D Day landings at Omaha Beach. I am a Vietnam veteran having served for over twenty five years in the Australian Navy, Airforce & Army. For generations we have battled for democracy but never has the stakes been higher than they are today. 

Will humans survive the sixth extinction event?

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