Get Local For Climate Action #Auspol #CanningVotes

Get Local For Climate Action
Across the planet there is an unstoppable train of momentum as communities, countries and businesses race ahead with renewable energy solutions, leap-frogging outdated and polluting forms of energy. 
But while the rest of the world gets on with the job, the Australian Government is shirking responsibility and clinging to a dirty and polluted past. If we don’t get with the action, we’ll get left behind. 
So this October, Oxfam supporters like you are building community pressure on the Australian government. Join them! Get your friends together and visit your local Federal MP to talk climate.
You have the power to demand better from our leaders. Sign up to get local for climate action now!  

Feel a little daunted? Don’t worry, we’ll provide plenty of resources, you can come along to a training and information session and your state Community Campaigner is available to answer any and all of your questions. Plus, bringing a friend along to the meeting takes the pressure off, right?!

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