Electric Cars Could Eliminate Gasoline and Diesel by 2040 #Auspol

The combined efforts of car makers, advocacy groups and governments around the world has seen the first Electric Cars garner success just four years after being released to the market. However, one question remains unanswered – will they revolutionise the world as a major form of transportation?
Electric Cars set to take over in 25 years

Plug-In America, an electric car advocacy group, believes that with the right policy and education, Plug-in Cars will more than likely replace cars that run on motor and oil within 25 years.
Based on a report issued by the group, we only need one solid union to encourage other people to follow suit. The report also reveals how irrational and damaging decisions of car makers in the past have been in steering policies for the promotion of these cars.
The 11 key verdicts of the report are categorised under marketing, public policy, and possible network supports. Plug-In America believes that instead of letting the manufacturers promote their individual models, Electric Cars should be given their own category on a nationwide scale.

Due to the report indicating lower sales in central states when compared to the East and West coasts, car companies are looking to expand marketing in the central US.
National ad campaigns and test drives are set to be used as promotional efforts outside of the car industry to allow potential clients to experience electric driving first hand.

Laws changing in support of electric car growth

Reassessment and re-alignment of public policies regarding promotion of these cars is being planned on a national level, even if it means combining all state policies to continue spreading the knowledge to other areas. This will also mean providing standard charging-station signs and criteria for electric-car adoption.
Current policies are limited in their effectiveness and may be needing a little bit of tweaking because of the one-size-fits-all method which is tailored to traditional vehicles.
The example of the charging-station installations policy, which states that a given area should be allowed to add other options like Level 1 and DC immediate charging. While the Federal tax credit imposed on Plug-in Cars and California’s no emission vehicles have served a purpose, these policies can hinder the possible growth or development of electric cars in the market.
Solidifying the efforts from all advocacy groups can help in the marketing and creation of guidelines for electric cars. Furthermore, through the help of philanthropic organisations, Plug-In America believes that the needed resources during the early development of these cars can be provided.

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