A Solar Rally in Mandurah #Auspol #CanningVotes 

A Rally for Solar a final challenge to the two leading candidates for the seat of Canning: the Liberal Party’s Andrew Hastie and Labor’s Matt Keogh. Over lunch they gathered at the Mandurah electorate offices of each candidate to deliver giant letters written on behalf of the people of Canning, calling on both candidates to publicly declare their support for a goal of at least 50% renewable energy by 2030.
The result? Labor’s Matt Keogh has declared his personal support for the policy, already endorsed by his Party’s National Platform. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for Andrew Hastie. Despite giving Mr Hastie every opportunity to support solar, he has declined to do so – and he didn’t show up to speak to solar supporters at today’s event.

Mr Hastie’s refusal to commit comes in spite of the overwhelming support solar enjoys with the people of Canning. In fact, around 50 per cent of homes in Canning are sporting solar rooftops, and our polling shows that renewables is a top three issue with voters, coming in directly behind economy and jobs – and ranking ahead of national security. That Mr Hastie is disregarding overwhelming public support for solar is disappointing at best.
When Solar Citizens started campaigning in Canning their aim was to make solar and renewables the top issue at the by-election, sending an unmistakable message to all Australian politicians: we love our solar, and we vote. Over the past few weeks in this snap campaign we’ve worked our hardest to do just that.
 They’ve  had thousands of conversations with local residents, distributed hundreds of solar election signs for display in front yards and they’ve engaged the candidates at multiple campaign events. They even achieved 15 seconds of fame on national television, popping up behind Andrew Hastie at a press conference during the Liberal leadership challenge!

Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten, Labor Candidate for Canning Matt Keogh, Greens Candidate Vanessa Rauland and Senators Scott Ludlam and Rachel Siewert and Palmer United Party Senator for WA, Dio Wang. Noticeably absent from this long list of solar supporters is Andrew Hastie, Liberal candidate for Canning.
Let’s not forget, this is our future we’re talking about. The people of Canning, along with Australians everywhere, want a strong solar future and all the benefits that entails: good jobs, investment and a better future for our children. Everyone is on board except, it seems, the Federal government. In fact, just yesterday in Federal Parliament, our brand new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called strong renewable energy policy “reckless” in question time. I reckon risking our future by destroying one of our most important emerging industries is more reckless, don’t you?
So, there’s the facts. This is where your Candidates stand on solar and renewables. So whichever way you vote on Saturday, September 19, remember to Vote 1 Sun.
For a sun-powered future,


Appreciate your comments John

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