Speed of Arctic change shocks scientists. #climatechange #Auspol 

The Arctic climate is changing so quickly that science can barely keep track of what is happening and predict the global consequences, the UN says.
LONDON, 29 September, 2016 – In an unusually stark warning a leading international scientific body says the Arctic climate is changing so fast that researchers are struggling to keep up. The changes happening there, it says, are affecting the weather worldwide.
The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) says: “Dramatic and unprecedented warming in the Arctic is driving sea level rise, affecting weather patterns around the world and may trigger even more changes in the climate system.
“The rate of change is challenging the current scientific capacity to monitor and predict what is becoming a journey into uncharted territory.” 
The WMO is the United Nations’ main agency responsible for weather, climate and water.    
Its president, David Grimes, said: “The Arctic is a principal, global driver of the climate system and is undergoing an unprecedented rate of change with consequences far beyond its boundaries.

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  1. Back in 2007, some Arctic experts were calling for a limit in Global Temperature rise of 1 degree C. Because of the rapid melting of the Arctic and Greenland. This was when 4 degrees C rise, was seen as the limit. Here we are, nearly 10 years later, and the message is being repeated because the political elite have not done anything to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions. Instead, they continue with ‘business-as-usual’, even when, as the financial crash showed, it is a failed policy!


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