For me #ClimateChange isn’t #Politics it’s personal. #Auspol 

I’m nearly seventy years old, with luck I won’t see the worst of the Catastrophic Climate Change that most climate scientist are predicting.

 I’ve had personal experience of the power of nature. With my family I sheltered under a mattress during  Cyclone Tracy in 1974. Trying to calm my children as our house was blown apart by cyclonic winds in excess of 200 kilometres an hour. I know from first hand experience what a catastrophic climate event is like. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. 

Darwin after Cyclone Tracy
My father and grandfather fought for the freedoms I have enjoyed. My Father was injured off Omaha Beach on D Day while serving on HMS Glasgow my Grandfather was evacuated from Dunkirk. Both had willing sacriced for democracy and future generations. 

Since the war I have often wondered if my generation would be willing to make similar sacrifices for future generations. The recent political battle over the A Carbon Tax has made me think we are not even willing to add a few cents to our electricity bills to protect future generations.

I have two sons, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren,

Leilani and Isaac my great grandchildren.

Of course I want to leave this world a better place for them in fact all children & future generations to come. Yes it’s personal.

I believe the scientists who tell us we must act quickly to prevent catastrophic Climate Change but it seems our democracy is failing our children. I do all I can, I’ve attended protest marches, written this blog & Tweet daily begging for change, begging for compassion. I’ve joined the Greens and handed out How To Vote cards at several elections. 

I’m at a loss. What else must I do to protect my children from corporate greed and the fossil fuel industry? 

Until Climate Change becomes personal for everyone democracy will not deliver realistic outcomes. 



  1. Jack I love and so appreciate the work you do – both the scholarship and the concern. I follow it keenly. I’m perhaps not dissimilar – 60+, passionately concerned about how far over the cliff we already are. No grandkids but plenty of nieces and nephews. I think you live not so far from my brother-in-law in Esperance. But if you EVER get to Melbourne I would absolutely love to host you, or if already too committed would love to have share a meal or coffee or anything.
    Michael Staindl (

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