This Film Festival Offers Solutions to Climate Change #auspol

A photograph featuring the Jury members and attending winners of the Film4Climate Global Video Competition.
As the COP22 Film4Climate Global Video Competition begins, the mood is somber: it’s the end of the first week of the Conference of Parties and just five days after the announcement of Trump’s election win. While uncertainty and fear for the future are palpable, there’s also a sense of hope, as this is where the efforts for taking action on climate change merge with the creative medium of filmmaking.
Part of the World Bank Group’s Connect4Climate initiative, the Film4Climate competition features the winners of various categories for under-one-minute PSA videos, and short films under five minutes. Winning productions portray both singular and comprehensive, oftentimes highly self-made movies that reflect the realities of and actions taken by many on the ground.

Jeffrey Sachs, Professor at and director of Earth Institute at Columbia University, addressing the audience at Film4Climate Global Video Competition. 

“So much talent in this room,” he begins, “and you have to listen to an economist. Go figure that.”
“It’s extremely important to use your voice and your reach to explain what’s at stake,” says Professor and director of Earth Institute at Columbia University, Jeffrey Sachs, during his opening speech. 

“The people that want their grubby hands on the steering wheel in Washington are ExxonMobil and Chevron and people who bought this [American] election,” he says. 

Citing “the names that are being kicked about in the US media”—including Trump’s selection of Myron Ebell to oversee the EPA transition team—Sachs expounds a stern but necessary reminder of the battle ahead. 

“It’s fine to be ignorant, just don’t do it in Washington. 

Because we’ve got important things to do, and we really don’t have time for really greedy, nasty, or completely scientifically ignorant people to be anywhere near decision-making right now.”

Press link for videos: The Creators Project

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