Beyond the coal rush part 3: The transition begins #auspol 

Change in the world’s energy system is happening fast in some countries, not at all in others. 

We’ve heard the battles of local people fighting for their homes, their farms and forests against the expansion plans of coal mining companies. 

And despite coal’s low market price in 2016, solar PV is on its way to becoming the cheapest source for electricity. Global investment in renewable energy is now higher than in fossil fuels. 

Some countries understand the urgency to reduce the amount of coal burnt for electricity. China has a policy to shift away from coal and has begun an energy transition. 

The nation has plans to reduce coal in its energy mix to 60% by 2020 and then reduce further. 

China’s wind capacity alone is already 100GW. Australia’s total generating capacity is 60GW. Change is under way. Electricity will be cheaper and cleaner. The challenge is for the world to rebuild its energy system quickly to minimise damage from a warming planet.

Press link for more: Radio National Science Show


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