Growing food in a desert. #auspol 

Sundrop Farms produces healthy, sustainable food in the middle of the Australian Desert, without using pesticides, fossil fuels or fresh water.
The scarcity of food resources in many parts of the world is one of the major population threats. Agricultural lands deplete continuously, as climate change and inappropriate agricultural practices cause intense soil degradation and nutrient deficiencies. Desperate farmers continue to add enormous amounts of fertilizers and pesticides, while wasting millions of gallons of fresh water for irrigation. Many even feel obliged to opt for growing genetically modified crops with questionable health benefits, but which are apparently resistant to certain factors and can result in high yields.
Sundrop Farms, a modern agricultural company, has set a task to show that healthy, organic food can be produced everywhere. Their aim is to bust the myth that genetically modified foods, toxic pesticides, and large sums of money are the only solution to the global food crisis.
There is no better way to do this, but to build the first ever 20-hectare sustainable organic farm right in the middle of the Australian Desert. The farm relies on solar power, and 23,000 mirrors to generate energy and desalinate water. The farm grows the produce hydroponically, which means that soil, and consequently fertilization, is not required. Special beneficial bugs destroy potential pests, eliminating the need of chemical pesticides.

All in all, solar power and sea water are all that the farm needs to produce nearly 20,000 metric tons of organic produce per year. Everything is executed in a controlled environment, allowing an exact estimate of costs, guaranteed quality and much better price for the consumers.
The farm is fully sustainable and runs solely on renewable energy. Greenhouses are heated throughout the year with the whooping 39 megawatts of solar energy, ensuring continuous growing season.
All connections to vital resources like fresh water, fertile soil and energy are broken, meaning that there is nothing that can stop the farm from performing the daily activities.
The best example of this came just a few weeks ago, when South Australia was hit by a massive storm. The strongwind, which caused a huge blackout and affected all other businesses in the area, did not disturb the activities of Sundrop.
Currently, the farm has a contract with Coles Supermarkets in Australia, to which they will be supplying their produce for the next 10 years at a fixed price.
To built the farm, Sundrop spent $200 million. The next step is to build another one in Tennessee- work is already in progress. They are also present in Europe, with their first European farm being just built in Portugal.
Now, this is how conventional farming should be done- no pesticides, no fossil fuels, no genetically modified foods- only pure, clean produce, grown with the help of renewables.

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