Keep politics out of #climatechange #science #auspol 

Keep the politics out of climate-change science
As a scientist and a parent of children who went through the Central Bucks School District, I cannot believe we have individuals on the school board who question the scientific evidence of anthropogenic climate change. 

Scientifically, there is little debate. 

This so-called controversy is political, not scientific. 

It is truly reprehensible that the efforts to teach the current scientific understanding of this is being politicized by a few school board members who do not understand that the prevalence of the data shows climate change is anthropogenic .

The worldwide scientific community is united in this conclusion; the vast majority of scientifically peer-reviewed papers agree with this conclusion.

 The vast number of scientific organizations hold the official position that climate change has been caused by human action, including the American Chemical Society, the American Meteorological Society, the Geological Society of America and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. Even the American Petroleum Institute now admits this.
It is truly deplorable that rather than teach the science, school board members Collopy, Schloeffel and Weldon are concerned about a political debate, which is irrelevant to teaching the science. The statement made by Mr. Weldon — “This is a religion now” — is truly upsetting. His statement is ignorant and shows he has little understanding of scientific principles. Religion is based on faith, while science is based on data and objective observation. The current body of data supports the premise that our climate is warming due to man’s burning fossil fuels.
It is time for these board members to fathom we need to teach the current understanding of our natural world in science class and leave the politics to other classes.
David Meiser

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