Climate Change Pictures #StopAdani #Auspol 

We are destroying our life support system.
Continuous growth is a cancer & it will be fatal.

Demand a sustainable economy based on renewable energy.
Don’t steal the future from our children! 



  1. Excellent review of what is happening.
    We have created social constructs called corporations that are sociopaths/psychopaths and CARE ONLY for profit and the management are also sociopaths/psychopaths. The public support these corporations and buy their shares and bonds because they expect a profit also. The problem is that the buyer of the shares/bonds is at arms length to the corporation and normally does not know or care what damage the corporations is doing to the world.
    So, we are all to blame it seems in one way or the other. Those enlightened people who see and try to tell the world are not listened to. People are engrossed in their petty little lives of entertainment and see not what is coming.

    But of course, you know all of this already and so do most of your readers.
    Thanks for your work.

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Appreciate your comments John

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