Call All Tree Planters. #ClimateChange #Cairns 


A great way to reduce your carbon foot print is to plant a tree.
Join us in Cairns this Sunday morning 7:30am 9th July 

This is the first activity for our new project recently funded by Qld Government’s Community Sustainability Action Grant!

We need lots of volunteers to help plant 800 native trees this Sunday morning starting at 7.30am.

First up we will be planting 400 as a follow up to our deep stem planting technique trial that we did last year. This means that we have sourced tube trees with very long stems (up to 1 meter) and we will be planting them in deep holes and preferably covering the stem with 30cm (1 foot) of soil. This method is potentially good for flood prone areas to ensure the trees are sturdy in the ground. The last time we did this the growth results were outstanding so we are repeating the trial with all the different species mapped so we can also monitor species success rate.

Then we will have 15 international students join us for planting the next 400 (about 9am), and that is always a bit of fun…followed by supplied morning tea about 10am.

Bring: Sun smart gear, covered shoes, gloves, water & shovel if you have one.

Directions: This site called, Radjirr-radjirr, is behind St. Andrews Catholic College……..On the Redlynch Connection Rd turn left at the second set of lights (opposite Coles at Redlynch Central Shopping Centre. It is a new road to the school). At the T junction, park at the school carpark on the left and follow the signs in. If you follow the power line it also takes you to our site.

When your get there you will see how well all the trees we planted in 2015 & 16 have grown….it is truly amazing. If you are an early bird we always need help placing trees especially this time for our trial (6.30am).

If you can’t make it to this one the next one is soon after…July 16… at the same place with more international students.

More info: Lisa 0435 016 906
Press link for more:



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