#ClimateChange “All Hell will break loose!” #StopAdani #auspol #qldpol

When will we listen to the scientists?

To invest in new coal mines and ignore science is Criminal Negligence.

It is putting our children and future generations at extreme risk.

People all over the planet are demanding change.

We must declare a CLIMATE EMERGENCY



  1. So take the bloody gloves off and call a spade a spade. Send emails/letters/newspaper ads whatever to the children and grandchildren of ALL politicians who are anti climate change mitigation. Here’s an example of what you can say.

    Hi, are you aware that your father,mother/grandfather,grandmother is so selfish that he/she is more interested in his/her own political power than you? He/she (and his/her political party) doesn’t care that they are leaving you with a bad environment. They are ensuring that, by their inaction, you won’t have a nice GBR to take your families to see, Animals will go extinct and your f,m/gf,gm are the ones that had the chance to stop the worst of it and they chose not to. Your f,m/gf,gm is responsible for millions of people potentially losing their homes and having nowhere to go. How does it feel to have such an uncaring f,m/gf,gm?

    Sure, people will say. “That’s terrible – bringing their families into this”.

    Well I say stiff shit! THEY are bringing their future generations into this. Their families are NOT sacred with this one.

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  2. It is the capitalist system. It drags us along even if we dont feel engaged with it. Asking a politician to halt its tendencies is like asking the bus driver to steer from the back seat. Impossible.

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