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WTTC and UN Climate Change in new partnership to tackle global warming

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UN Climate Change) have agreed a common agenda for climate action in tourism.

Agreed at the WTTC Global Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina last week, the partnership backs goals  set by the Paris Agreement to maintain temperature levels at 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, and the economic importance of tourism to the world’s economy (10% of GDP and one in 10 jobs), the Common Agenda sets out a framework for the two organisations to recognise and address the linkages between tourism and climate change.

Announcing the agreement, Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change advised “this is the first time the tourism sector has actively engaged on a global level with the UN Climate agenda.

“We recognise that tourism has a huge role to play in addressing climate change.

While climate change itself poses significant risks to some tourism destinations, in many of the most high-risk areas, tourism can provide opportunities for communities to build resilience to its impacts.

At the same time, as a fast-growing sector, tourism has a responsibility to ensure this growth is sustainable and sits within the parameters set by the Paris Agreement.

“I call on players across the sector to join us in the move towards a climate neutral world.

I am delighted that WTTC is committed to working with us in this ambition.”

WTTC President and Chief Executive Gloria Guevara added “sustainable growth is one of WTTC’s strategic priorities and climate action is a pillar within that.

This is a huge opportunity for our sector to really engage in a meaningful way with the global climate agenda.

We are already seeing how climate change is impacting our sector with extreme weather events, rising sea levels and destruction of biodiversity.

“There are many different initiatives from across the WTTC Membership and beyond to reduce the impact of tourism on climate change and through this new Common Agenda with UN Climate Change we will have a platform to communicate actions and integrate them into the broader initiatives which UN Climate Change is leading, with a particular focus on the upcoming COP24 in Poland.”

Given the importance of tourism to the world economy and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the growing imperative to address climate change in a meaningful way, WTTC and UN Climate Change will work together towards a carbon neutral world with the aim of:

1. Communicating the nature and importance of the interlinkages between tourism and climate change.

2. Raising awareness of the positive contribution tourism can make to building climate resilience.

3. Reducing the contribution of tourism to climate change and supporting quantitative targets and reductions.

WTTC has been actively engaged in climate change conversations since 2009 when the Council set out a comprehensive framework for the sector and set an aspirational target of reducing total carbon emissions by no less than 50% by 2035 with an interim target of 30% by 2020 with a follow up report issued in 2015.

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  1. Douglas Adams’ Restuarant at the End of the Universe comes to mind. Tourists will pay to watch the apocalypse when the time comes.

    In the meantime, until the tourism industry recognises their contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft flights, this will all just be hot air.

    Was reading an article recently, it might have come from a link on here, of a climate scientist who refuses to fly, so has to get the train from the UK to Sweden for his conferences. Which is an interesting logistical challenge, but doable. He calculated that everytime someone flies in a jet plane they have the same carbon footprint of 9000 Zimbabwean people for a year, and he said he couldn’t bring himself to inflict that kind of damage on the world.

    I mentioned this to someone last week and they said they didn’t care, they needed their holiday abroad. People just don’t get it, they couldn’t grasp the enormity of those numbers. And thus, they’ll be overwhelmed with confusion when in a few years time, their favourite destination is under water or too hot to live in. But no guilt will be apparent.

    We should be building lives that we don’t need vacations from, as the Facebook meme states, not encouraging what is basically white middle class priviledge. Especially when for many holiday merely becomes baking in 45*C sun and thinking it’s good for them, then getting drunk at night.

    Another statistic I saw, dunno if it’s true, is that only 15% of the population fly, but emissions from the aviation industry account for 20% of global warming emissions. The latter figure is disputed, because aviation fuel is untaxed (which is why package holidays are so cheap) and not measured, nor were they allegedly included in the IPCC assessments.

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