CO2 fingerprints found in Europe’s heatwave #auspol #qldpol #ClimateChange #NoNewCoal #StopAdani

CO2 fingerprints found in Europe’s heatwave

Megan Darby

Once they’ve exhausted stories about sunscreen sales, travel disruption and health risks, the media may eventually, if a heatwave goes on long enough, think to mention climate change.

Things reached that peak in the UK this week, Soila Apparicio reports, with mainstream outlets like the BBC showing increased confidence in reporting on the science.

Human activity almost doubled the likelihood of the heatwave across northern Europe, according to the World Weather Attribution service.

“The logic that climate change will do this is inescapable – the world is becoming warmer, and so heatwaves like this are becoming more common,” said leading scientist Friederike Otto.

The heat complaints may seem over the top to readers from the tropics, but countries like the UK are poorly prepared for temperatures over 30C. The Met Office forecast a 20% chance of setting an all-time record high temperature on Friday, before the weather was set to cool off.

Press link for more: Climate Change News

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  1. “The heat complaints may seem over the top to readers from the tropics, but countries like the UK are poorly prepared for temperatures over 30C.”
    As a UK resident I can confirm this is true, guilty as charged :).
    We are used to variable weather, which is why we have a reputation for talking about it. It’s not unusual to have three types of weather in a day. Today was more like normal, with sun, rain, thunder, hailstones, strong winds, all within an 18 hour period.
    So 2 months now with hardly any rain, and temperatures above 25*C is UNUSUAL. For us. For everyone else it’s probably quite mild. We had a few wildfires that burn a few acres and a combine harvester and the world’s going to end, but again, relative to the rest of the worlds’ wildfires, these are mere bonfires.
    Nobody has air conditioning here for example, it’s not something that even enters the lexicon for home owners. Many of the big chain stores do in the town centres, and some of the trains do, but we don’t consider that as normal, more a luxury or oddity.
    If we get 1/2″ of snow now the whole nation grinds to a halt, but we’re lucky if we get more than one day’s worth a year now, whereas 40 years ago it snowed quite heavily in winter. Global warming has indeed made us soft. 40 years of neo-liberalism however has made us even more unprepared.

    God help us if we get a real wildfire or heatwave like California or Greece gets. Town councils, gutted by neo-liberalism, won’t have enough resources to collect and depose of all the bodies. And the government won’t help, because under neo-liberalism the idea of providing aid for no economic return is anathema to their ideology.
    I’m begining to see that western governments, in effect run by the oil industry, want global warming to happen as it opens up further areas for oil exploration. There are vast amounts of studies, even the US navy is involved, in exploiting methyl hydrates as the next level of energy extraction. They are hiding in the open, a quick google search for terms around methyl hydrates exploration will bring them up. That some people even think this is a good idea shows the madness we have devolved to as a species.

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