There’s Still No Urgency to Tackle Climate Change…

It’s criminal negligence leading to genocide.

Think Sustainability

The release of the IPCC special report just a few days ago has highlighted the disaster we find ourselves barreling towards. The IPCC report found that 1.5℃ of warming above pre-industrial levels could have catastrophic consequences for millions around the world, and without urgent action, we could reach that milestone in just 12 years.

In recent months we have witnessed extreme weather on an unprecedented scale. Immensely powerful hurricanes and typhoons have caused enormous amounts of damage in North America and Asia, California dealt with one of the worst forest fires in the State’s history, cities and regions have begun to run dry with droughts putting a huge strain on urban water supply. We’ve also seen high-temperature records shattered all over the northern hemisphere with areas inside the Arctic Circle reaching more than 30℃ on a number of occasions throughout the summer.

The evidence of a warming world is playing…

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