We Need to Completely Change Agriculture to Adapt to Climate Change

We need to change everything to adapt to climate change.

The Extinction Chronicles

According to a new study, we’re growing too many grains, fats, and sugars and not enough fruits, vegetables, and protein.


We’re not managing our crops to support global nutritional needs: In fact, we use a disproportionate amount of land used to grow grains, fats, oils, and sugar, and not enough land to grow the fruits and vegetables that we need to survive, a new research paper asserts.

Climate change has made it more more crucial than ever to produce food as efficiently as possible. Not only does climate change threaten the productivity of crops around the globe, but the agricultural sector is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases (second only to burning fossil fuels).

The researchers compared the ideal nutritional profile of a human diet with the land use and greenhouse gas emissions tied to making those foods. They found that to grow the…

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