It’s time to join the #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateStrike or #StopAdani Demand a world 🌎 wide #GreenNewDeal #auspol #qldpol #springst

Very eloquently put – I suspect you’re voicing the sentiments of many of us.

by Holly Katsykestom – 18 November on FB …

“On Friday, the evening before I participated in “Rebellion Day” I had dinner with two very good friends of mine. They asked about why I was in London and, possibly for the first time in as long as I can remember, I spoke in a totally unfiltered way about the scale of the ecological crises we’re facing; how we’ve got just a few years to change course or see major human suffering in around 20 years’ time; and why I believe that the only chance we have left is mass civil disobedience and direct action.

I found myself surprised and relieved in saying it all. I have believed this for a long time and have been involved in direct action for around 2 ½ years (and less radical environmental organisations before that). But I have censored myself when speaking about it with lots of people I know – even some of my closest friends.

I’ve been embarrassed to talk about the permanent elephant in the room – not wanting to be a bore; make people miserable or guilty; or be too controversial.

Similarly, I don’t post much about either climate change or activism on Facebook (you might think I do, but it’s nothing compared to how much I think about it).

I just don’t feel I have the energy for dealing with the Facebook debates and criticism I expect.

Some criticism that would just frustrate me; some that would be valid and I could learn from; and some I may have thought myself before deciding being involved was still worth it.

Either way, because I’m not able to think of the perfectly worded post that says what I have been doing and why, and also answers all the possible criticisms – I just don’t bother posting anything.

By doing this I’ve perpetuated the silence and denial around climate change; by not talking about what I really care about and what I spend most of my free time (and a good deal of my career) working on, I’ve felt more distant from my friends. Worse still, I’ve denied my friends an opportunity to learn about and/or become involved in activism themselves.

What was obvious from my conversation on Friday was that these friends cared as much as I did; they understood why radical action was needed; and wanted to help – they just hadn’t stumbled across the opportunities to be involved that I had, and didn’t know where to start.

Extinction Rebellion has brought a lot of new people into climate activism and is aiming to force the issue up the political agenda.

I met lots of people who have never been involved in activism before, but had been hungry for the opportunity to be part of a movement whose demands meet the scale of the challenge we’re facing.

I’m going to try stop being embarrassed and assuming my friends don’t want to talk about these things; stop worrying about criticisms on Facebook; and have more honest conversations that open up the possibility for more people to join the movement.”

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  1. Interesting, yes.
    I blew up my FB account back in Feb 2018 because no one was taking any notice of the climate crisis data I was posting. I think my last post was something about the unreported levels of CH4 release in the Arctic, and if true was to be the equivalent of unleashing the gates of hell. But nobody took any notice., so I’ve since stopped bothering. My life has been so much better without FB!

    What I do now, is to gauge people. We all talk about the weather, it’s an English thing, so I casually slip in something like “Ah yes, it was 18*C in the Arctic last week.” And you see their brains physically stop for a second, as it tries to compute “Arctic, thats full of ice, but ice is zero degrees centigrade, and you’re saying eighteen”. Those that are aware of climate crises, will invariablly know this, and the conversation about imminent collapse can then flow in comfort. Twice t’other week this happened, and they both said they’ve enjoyed just having the conversation, an hour later 🙂
    Au contraire, those that are not aware, simply glaze over their eyes, then the neo-liberal mask slips back into place and they carry on talking about their holiday to Spain.

    It is true, more and more people are becoming aware, at varying levels, that the planet is hurtling toward a burning lake of fire at 67,000mph, but you can’t tell people this, they have to find out for themselves – the neo-liberal programming has been far too successful since the 1970s, through the education system , through the advertising system, through the increasingly corporate owned mainstream media, and through the corporate lobbying and purchase of the political systems. And through the lack of meaningful alternatives. Well, the alternatives were there, but the mainstream media never promoted them. Limits to growth, population overshoot, climate change, were never allowed to be part of the Overton Window, except to show up proponents as clueless hippies or eccentric cranks.

    As most politicians in the western world are merely lapdogs for the fossil fuel industry, it is obvious those same politicians are fully aware of impending climate catastrophe. But in true neo-liberal shock doctrine strategy, they merely see it as a business opportunity.
    It is evident that there are some who actually WANT climate catastrophe to happen. Whether it be fascists who simply see it as a cleansing of the weak, to oil company executives who want to trap methyl hydrate emissions to use as fuel, or to rascists who relish that it will be brown people that suffer the first and the most.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if some actually look forward to the middle east being too hot to live in, or Asia underwater, so that once all the current occupants are toasted or radioactive shrimp food, they can send in robots to extract the remaining resources.

    it will be very interesting to see if Extinction Rebellion gains leverage, or merely becomes another noisebox in a slightly distended Overton Window.

    My word, I’ve just written an essay….


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