(BUENOS AIRES) #G20 SUMMIT: #GlobalTrust Declining as World leaders began arriving on Thursday for the summit of the globe’s largest economies, but with the members of the G20 (group of industrialized nations) being responsible for more than three-quarters of greenhouse emissions due to trade being more important than peoples health, environment and food security this should be the main issue to discuss #AceNewsDesk reports

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  1. The G20 – the boy’s own club of genocidal rapists who think nothing of raping the planet of resources merely to fund their wealth pool through the fantasy of unlimited economic growth on a finite planet.

    it should be a prison, not a meeting. They should be left in a room with 5 matches, a sack of millet, a pale of water and a quart of goats milk, and no central heating, and told they cannot come out until they agree to Extinction Rebellion’s demands.

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