Between conflation and denial

Scientists are caught between a rock and a hard place, when politicians aren’t interested in facts.

...and Then There's Physics

I’m on my way back from Cambridge, where I had a very pleasant evening with our Stoatness. I also happened to have a look at Climate etc., where Judith is promoting a new paper by Peter Tangney, a Lecturer at Flinders University (you can download a copy from here). I should disclose that I exchanged a few emails with the author a couple of years ago. It didn’t end well.

The paper is about the politics of expertise in Australia and Judith thinks it hits the sweet spot and provides some insights into the climate wars. I think it’s somewhat confused, remarkably ironic, and mostly an exercise in savaging strawpeople. It’s full of accusations that scientists are engaging in deficit model thinking, and – of course – has a pop at consensus messaging.

The basic argument seems to revolve around scientists not engaging effectively…

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