Murder in Honduras: US-Trained ‘Death Squads’ & the Environmentalist…

The U.S. will pay for their crimes against humanity.

~Burning Woman~

A am reblogging this post in its entirety here, rather than just creating a link to the original which is here:
because I’m hoping there is a better chance of it being read if it’s in front of one’s eyes already. If you want to know more about how the CIA, Pentagon and Washington have been systematically dislodging, torturing, murdering and committing genocide against native Central Americans, it’s unfortunately easy to find the stories on the Internet.
…and if you want to read about CIA sponsored world-wide death squad terrorism, start here:
I have several reasons for posting this article, one being that I have been personally involved in these Central American heart-breaking horror stories in the past, in my case, particularly involving Nicaragua and El Salvador.
It provides a backgrounder for the accusations against US global terrorism and pro-corporate war…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging this story. I agree with you, the USA will pay for its war crimes, beginning with native Americans, treatment of slaves and ex-slaves and on and on though the years up to today. Endless and relentless that empire’s destruction and corruption of civilization. History repeats, and not one hegemonic oppressor has ever escaped history’s justice.

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      1. Yes, including my land of birth, France, the bastards! But I learned in grade school recess that to stop the bullying you had to go after the leading bully, in this case, I focus on Amerikkka.

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Appreciate your comments John

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