Australia in midst of $20 billion wind and solar investment boom | RenewEconomy

Despite the Federal Government

AGR Daily News

The Coalition government tried to prevent it and failed, and haven’t stopped complaining about it ever since. And now we can see why: Australia is in the midst of an extraordinary investment boom in large scale wind and solar projects, and battery storage, far beyond what  even the industry’s most ardent supporters ever imagined.

The latest estimates from the Clean Energy Council show that there is currently $20 billion of wind and solar farms either under construction or about to start because they have reached financial close.

And, it should be pointed out, this does not include the $6 billion of wind and solar projects already completed, means that the total value of wind, solar and storage projects completed or underway this year is more than $26 billion. A further $2 billion is likely to have been spent on small scale rooftop solar in 2018.

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