Global Warming’s Pretend Pause

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A new paper by Risbey et al. examines the so-called “pause” in global temperature, and demonstrates convincingly that it wasn’t a real phenomenon, it was just random fluctuation that can look like a pause all along. I’ve been saying this for some time now. I’m also a co-author on the paper.

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  1. There are actually tons of studies concluding that the 1998-2012 “hiatus” is a result of fluctuation as we can see in current temperature graphs:

    But these higher amplitudes (higher fluctuation) are also a result of anthropogenich global warming, as discussed here and here

    This can only be seen as a logical consequence because more energy in the system is inevitably causing higher amplitudes in both directions. Force and counterforce are pulling each other with more power while equilibrium is pushed further into higher magnitudes.

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    1. Oh dear. And even the wrong video … I meant to post this video. Please accept my apologies again (dunno what’s going on with me today). But the video above isn’t bad either 😉


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