The Yellow Vests

Indeed what will we do!

Demand a Green New Deal

synthetic zerø


The reaction by one of France’s “Yellow Vests” to Macron’s about face was as follows:

“We have put Macron on one knee. Now he must fall.”

This from a middle aged, over taxed and under paid member of France’s proletariat, a subject written out of leftist thought for the last 50 years as a dupe of consumerism, a spent political force, a class dissolving into a morass of individual interests. For many on the left focus shifted to that segment of the population at one remove from the productive forces – the structurally unemployed, the precariously under- employed, the marginalised, the excluded, the undocumented. There, it seemed, one could engage with a real instance of the degradation that should have been visited on the proletariat but which the latter had managed to escape. Instead, the workers had retreated to the suburbs and embraced the rewards of the democratic-materialist lifestyle.


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