Voting for Permaculture

The two party system is destroying democracy


Forests are a model for organisations

It seems to be a human pattern to support political parties the way we support sporting teams. We choose a party in our youth, based upon either ideology or the pattern set by our families, and then we continue to support them, no matter what.

Politics has much higher stakes than football or cricket. When we continue to support a political party out of loyalty or tradition we risk supporting a party that no longer represents our values or our priorities.

How to vote

We’re about to have a state election. The party in power has a track record of wasteful spending, bureaucratic dysfunction and elitist ignorance of the impact that our current social circumstances are having upon the people that live here. They have not only failed to protect our environment. They have openly and aggressively destroyed it.

The party in opposition have barely opposed them. In an era…

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