Trusting God on Climate Change

God help us

One World House - Mark Davies


Like Senator James Inhofe, Sarah Sanders recently intimated that she is trusting God to take care of the climate. Perhaps she might want to consider that one way God “takes care of things” is through us, and maybe, just maybe, God is telling us something through our best climate scientists about what we ought to be doing to be good stewards of all creation. The Hebrew Bible teaches us the wisdom that God calls us to care for the community of all creation, not just treat it like crap and then expect God to clean up the mess. In the Hebrew Bible, that kind of attitude and practice would be characterized as sin.

When we get sick, we trust doctors.

When we take medicine, we trust pharmacists.

When we are passengers in airplanes, we trust pilots, mechanics, and aeronautical engineers.

When we are under threat by hostile powers, we trust…

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