Trump used the polar vortex to mock global warming. This map shows how wrong he is.

Exposing the Big Game

Trump tweeted, “What the hell is going on with Global Warming?” Well, it’s still happening.

It’s freaking cold out there, America. But you don’t need a Vox explainer to know that. You knew it the second you woke up. Knew it in that dreadful moment just before peeling off the blankets, when you thought, “This is the warmest and most comfortable I’ll feel all day.”

A mass of polar air is descending over the Midwestern United States. Chicago might hit a low of minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday. It’s a dangerous, potentially deadly situation. “This is not a case of ‘meh, it’s Iowa during winter and this cold happens,’” the Des Moines office of the National Weather Service warned.

This forecast is not, however, evidence against climate change. Let’s say it again: This forecast is not evidence against climate change.

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