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Campaigners trying to raise awareness of climate change staged a ‘critical mass’ bike ride around the streets of Norwich to highlight how cyclists have a right to use the roads.

Extinction Rebellion Norwich staged a critical mass bicycle ride. Pic: Dan Grimmer.

The ride, which set off from The Forum in Norwich at 6.45pm on Friday, was organised by Norwich Extinction Rebellion, a group which campaigns for the climate emergency to be addressed through non-violent direct action.

A group of about 25 cyclists set off on the ride around Norwich’s roads, inviting others to join them as they cycled around the city.

Peter Dickerson, who was among those taking part in the ride, said: “Critical mass rides are a statement about sustainable transport and sustainable living. That’s what we are about.

“The idea is that we have a gentle ride through the streets. It’s not about confrontation, but it is about making a statement.”

Mr Dickerson said the group intended to make the rides a regular event.

Members of Extinction Rebellion made headlines in February when they staged a four hour protest during Norfolk County Council’s budget meeting.

Members of the group occupied the council chamber. Four arrests were made before the meeting was held.

Climate Extinction also called for Norwich City Council to declare a climate emergency. The council ‘acknowledged’ a climate emergency but stopped short of declaring one.

However, North Norfolk District Council has signalled it will table a motion to declare a climate emergency at its next full council meeting, while Suffolk County Council voted to declare a climate emergency earlier this month.

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