Mandurah Western Australia

Bio: Retired, Ex navy & airforce. Worried about the effects of climate change on my grandchildren & the planet.

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  1. Hi John,
    Thanks for following and reblogging my comments, I now know the purpose of doing such a thing. Good way of collating info about topics into one place. Slowly getting the hang of WordPress. Right onto Week Four…
    See you on Twitter soon 😉
    Best wishes

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  2. Hi John. Thank you for following my blog, Fur Out The Closet.

    Of course climate change is a big worry for me, as well.

    Thank you for taking up this cause and providing us with such useful information. Education is the way to go.

    Best wishes,

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  3. Hi John, we have connected through my 2020socialjustice Facebook page. Your own blogging is fantastic and looks like it probably keeps you pretty busy. I also have a website (www.2020socialjustice.com) on which I blog in more depth about many of the issues I cover on Facebook. It’s great to connect with other bloggers; I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, perhaps with a view to forming some kind of networking community, but that part of the project is still on the to-do list with an increasing number of other items…Joan Beckwith.

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  4. Just love your blog John. I have been following it for awhile now. Keep up the good work…. If anyone wants to see the climate changing here in Australia just visits the other side of the Great Dividing Range here in Central Queensland; the further out you go the worse the outlook is getting. I am seeing our smaller country towns dwindling away slowly the further out you go. Our food bowl is getting smaller and smaller. Our exports will go down and our imports will have to increase just to feed us all here in Australia, this is becoming a financial disaster for Australia.
    If we can change this situation this may improve our way of life, but no one is looking at the long term affects of having to loose our ability to sustain ourselves here in Australia. Something like the snowy mountain scheme needs to be thought of. Maybe putting all of the worlds unwanted rubbish to create an artificial range or a canal straight through the middle of Australia to try to stop our country heating up and drying out. We need to try to fit up this planet not just try to slow down the problems, the damage has already happened, we need to clean up our mess as well as trying to slow down what we have done in the past. We need to try to change what has been done and make it work in our favour.

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  5. Hi John,

    My name is Ryan Wirick, I’m a documentary filmmaker. Our feature-length documentary currently in post-production, The Need To GROW, is a solution-packed journey into the lives of those working to fix our broken food system in the US. It focuses on solutions to localize food and regenerate our planet’s dying soil.

    Perhaps the biggest man-made environmental disaster ever is one that few seem to be talking about. We’ve destroyed over 70% of Earth’s topsoil, and are running out at an astonishing rate. If things don’t change, according to a recent UN report, in 60 years we will be out of farmable top soil on the planet. And then what? Soil is our planet’s carbon sink, it’s how our planet sequesters carbon out of the atmosphere (reverse climate change). This is really the issue of our time.

    The reason I am reaching out today is I’m hoping that you might want to learn more about and possibly help spread the word about The Need To GROW.

    What we have made with this film is the furthest thing from a boring talking-head-style documentary of doom and gloom. It’s a story-driven, funny, dramatic, informative roller coaster with unexpected twists and turns that is ultimately hopeful and inspiring.

    Here’s the link to the Kickstarter Campaign: http://www.SupportTheNeedToGROW.com

    I hope you have a moment to check out the campaign, watch our informative video, and the sizzle reel (preview) to the film. If you can help share this message that would be fantastic!

    Thanks so much for your valuable time and for all of the amazing research that you do.

    Ryan Wirick

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  6. Thanks John for your excellent work.

    I follow Guy Mcpherson – Nature Bats Last, and I have basically given up on this whole issue.
    With the nature of people to bury their heads in willful blindness and corporations usurping the power of all governments we cannot change the direction fast enough to prevent T6E This is just like the Titanic heading for the ice with the power full on and most people are dancing and unaware. Inertia is the word..

    Many bright people say that we are too stupid to turn this around. Our governance is too fragmented to understand and if understood then incapable to do anything about it.

    IMHO, the only way we have a hope of survival is to rapidly decrease the population and all of the resultant problems of a large population; you know the list.

    Maybe a pandemic might happen and solve the problem like the black death did in Europe. Or maybe a small asteroid will take out 3/4 of all of us. This is not preferred because many species will suffer extinction.

    Some advocate a managed massive decrease the fertility rates of all such that the global population shrinks to about 2 billion as rapidly as possible. nobody is killed, just nobody new is born. A rough estimate is that instead of growing at 80M/year the total would decrease by 50M/year initially.

    This would require acceptance by all and this will not happen unless a world dictator or governing body were to take control and force the issue.

    As you might guess, I read lots of hard SF.

    Thanks again.

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    1. I know where you are coming from. I refuse to go down with out a fight, I have 6 grand children & 2 great grand children. I want them to inherit a better world. Our forefathers fought & died for us, we must be prepared to fight for our children and future generations to come.

      We have the technology to move to a sustainable economy, all we lack is the political will.

      I don’t think population is the problem. Greed & over consumption is what is pushing our environment to the brink.

      Ten percent of the population are responsible for 80 percent of the pollution.

      We must tax the rich, reduce consumption and create a sustainable economy for future generations to enjoy.

      Cheers John

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  7. Hi John,
    Great to come across you today. My eye was caught by your blog’s heading – I use the same heading for my social media pages: “I want to live simply so others can simply live”. Still not 100 % sure who said that originally. Anyway, thanks for your research and great writing. I’m totally onboard!



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  8. Hi John! I was not sure how to contact you, I hope you see this. After seeing the deterioration and the destruction of the coral reef with my own eyes, I looked for a way to try and help. It’s because of you and people like you that a few partners and I started a business to try and support the effort, and spread the issue worldwide. Our company donates 10% of all proceeds to coral.org and we are working very hard to spread awareness about the potential extinction of the coral reefs. I am reaching out because we need your help. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you do for this cause. Email: nicoaraneta@sandyshoals.com

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  9. Greetings from the island of Samos, Greece.

    Here the effects of climate change are mostly visible through the stream of displaced persons, arriving via Turkey. Direct problems are somewhat masked by the economic “crisis”.
    We are starting now a grassroots initiative to create life-supporting infrastructure for the vulnerable and excluded in the age of extinction.

    Good luck to us all!

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