Scientists expect more of these extremely snowy winters for Boston.

When word got around that this winter was Boston’s snowiest ever recorded, a lot of people were thrilled. 

“Congratulations Boston!” the National Weather Service tweeted on Sunday, announcing the history-making event. “We are truly a title city,” the city’s mayor wrote

But for much of the winter, the 108.6 inches of snow Boston got was nothing to celebrate. When the season is over, Boston will have spent $50 million just trying to move snow out of the city. The city’s subway and commuter rail systems were crippled. In apartment buildings, melting snow leaked into the ceilings. Cemeteries could not hold burials. A lot of people lost their dogs. Piles of trash are everywhere.

Scientists expect more of these extremely snowy winters for Boston and the Northeastern United States in the years to come, as sea surface temperatures get warmer and the atmosphere is able to hold more moisture. Both those predicted characteristics are driven by human-made greenhouse gas emissions, which cause climate change.

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