Amazing Discovery: Sub-Glacial Canyon Larger Than The Grand Canyon Found Under ANTARCTICA

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A sub-glacial canyon that is nearly two miles deep, 200 miles long and 15 miles wide has been discovered buried under “several kilometers of ice”, according to a new study published by a group of British scientists. The canyon/huge hole is buried under snow and ice and proportions are larger than even The Grand Canyon.

Dr. Neil Ross, a professor of geology at Newcastle University, lead and announced the discovery after collecting three seasons worth of data. The study appears in the latest edition of The Geological Society of America bulletin. According to Dr. Ross…

The discovery of this huge trough, and the characterization of the surrounding mountainous landscape, was incredibly serendipitous.”

The discovery came as Ross and a team of scientists and researchers from the British Antarctic Survey, the British Antarctic Survey, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Exeter, and the University of York spent three seasons…

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