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Original source: Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian | 1. Celebrate the positives Renewable energy is clearly becoming the cheapest, more scalable and quickest way to provide electricity to the new demand from emerging markets. Currently there is only one key issue, availability of the renewable resource (no sun at night and no-wind days), but new […]

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Did You Know… That Trees Never Stop Growing and Grow FASTER As They Get Older?

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A team of biologists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln recently published research in the journal Nature that found that trees grow for the entire duration of their lives, and actually grow faster as they age.

The team analyzed biomass measurements for 673,046 trees from 403 tree species across 6 continents. They discovered that for the majority of species, growth-rate continues to increase with a tree’s age.

This means old trees are particularly important in the carbon cycle, as about 50% of trees’ wood is composed of carbon.

If you were wondering, the tallest tree in the world is a 700-800 year old redwood known as Hyperion located in Redwood National Park in California. It measures just under 380 feet.

Read the full story from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Newsroom.

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