climate change

Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases Surpass Another Milestone

Even if the 146 nations that have pledged to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions keep their pledges, concentrations of carbon in the atmosphere will continue to rise. And climate change (global warming) isn’t our only serious environmental problem. To deal with these problems effectively, we need to reduce consumption. Why? In part, because our demand for […]

World Bank warns climate change could add 100 million poor by 2030

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Without the right policies to keep the poor safe from extreme weather and rising seas, climate change could drive over 100 million more people into poverty by 2030, the World Bank said on Sunday. Continue reading:  World Bank warns climate change could add 100 million poor by 2030

Eight ways to reach 100% renewable in developing countries | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian

Original source: Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian | 1. Celebrate the positives Renewable energy is clearly becoming the cheapest, more scalable and quickest way to provide electricity to the new demand from emerging markets. Currently there is only one key issue, availability of the renewable resource (no sun at night and no-wind days), but new […]